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What is Astrological Compatibility?

Astrological compatibility is taking a couple’s birth charts (based on date, time & place of birth), and comparing their charts in a way that shows what areas of life they are compatible – physical attraction, emotional love, mental compatibility, can they raise children together, can they do well in business; is there evidence that they experienced past lives together, is there a karmic tie, and more.  The method is called synastry, which places the planets of one chart into the other to find suitable areas of harmony, as well as areas of discord.  The strengths and weaknesses, as well as the love rating (shows the potential for the couple to co-exist harmoniously…live well together long-term), is included in the Love Match Report. 

This personal report is not based on your Sun Sign. It is based on your entire natal (birth) chart – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  The interactions of your planets towards another’s natal chart will determine the love rating, the level of compatibility, and thus the synastry has been made. The Love Match Report will show all the areas in which you and the other person is compatible; love, business, friendship…whatever type of love there is between the two of you will be known to you.  This is a good report to examine relationships you have had in the past (if you are divorced), present (if you are dating, have a special love interest, or just want to see if you can run a business together), and future (for those who are engaged or ready to form a long-term commitment).  The Love Match Report is non-gender biased, and the technique has been used for thousands of years. 

Love Horoscopes; Your Natal (Birth) Charts Compared for Love, Marriage, Long-Term Relationships

  • Are You Soul Mates?  When reading your Love Match Report, the third area, Planets in Aspect, will show the interaction between you.   When searching for the question about whether or not you are soul mates, remember that you could be, and that it is determined by what you feel spiritually and in your heart.  The spiritual soul mate connection usually is mutual, and the two people feel is at once or as time goes on.  To find out spiritual ties, soul mate connections, past lives, and whether or not you have a karmic tie, look for the planets of Pluto and Saturn between you.   
  • If you have compared yourself with more than one person, and searching for the highest Love Rating to determine who is the best match for you, remember that the Love Rating is only part of the compatibility analysis.  You need to search your heart and come to know what it is you are looking for in a relationship, then see if the person in the report with you matches those qualifications.  The Love Match Report shows you the astrology factors of what’s there.  You determine through your choice, what you really want.

How do your natal charts match for love?

Are you compatible in areas of physical attraction, communications, emotional, spiritual?  Do you like to raise children together and establish a home life?

The Love Match Report is for those who:

  • are dating
  • are having an online relationship (pen-pal, love affair, romance)
  • just met someone
  • married
  • engaged
  • contemplating divorce
  • want to know about a relationship of the past, present or future
  • want to compare themselves with more than one mate
  • want to know who is right for them
  • need insight, advice, guidance
  • have to make a decision
  • want to invest wisely in their emotional life
  • would like to know if they can run a business together (yes, the Love Match report will show all aspects of your relationship with another)

Find Out How Well Matched You Are With That Special Someone! 

The Love Match Report helps you compare two charts by 1) identifying each partner’s emotional needs by describing their Descendant (7th house cusp), Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; and 2) examining the way their two charts interact. After describing what each partner needs in their love life, the report assesses their interaction by describing the significant aspects between their charts.  

Astrological Compatibility: natal astrology (Birth) Charts : The signs in the natal charts matched for planets, signs, aspects which relate to long-term and suitable marriages and partnerships. Are you soul mates, share past lives? Astrology charts compatible for business?

  • The qualities, aspects, specifics about your relationship with another: do your charts match well for a good friendship, romance, business, and more? 
  • How well matched are your astrology charts with someone special in your life? Are you astrologically compatible? Are the planets, signs, aspects in the charts in good relationship? The art of astrological synastry shows personal horoscopes, charts, signs, planets, aspects in detailed report, over 20 pages long.
  • Are you suitable for any situation, such as friendship, romance, and perhaps even business? 
  • Do you think you could raise children together?  Do you both have similar family ties?
  • Is this an online or cyber romance? Is it platonic, are you friends, is it based on physical attraction, or can there be emotional bonds, spiritual ties?
  • Do you ever wonder if this is a karmic relationship or perhaps have been together in past lives?
  • Do you have a significant other, want companionship, are engaged, married, divorced, separated?
  • Do you need to know about your personal relationship with a special love interest of the past, present, or future!

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