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Hypnotised by a glowing Sunset over the Welsh Hills, Jean Elliott and I sat reminiscing over tea and roll-ups outside The Moving Finger Café at Rodn’Elaine’s Lammas Moon Camp in August 2001. The site, high on a hilltop outside Leominster, with commanding views of both Heaven and Earth, was uncannily similar to that of the 1999 Rainbow Circle Astrology Camp.

Gazing into the far horizon, we called to mind that camp, during which we had all been privileged to witness a total eclipse of the Sun, but which was also to be our twelfth and final gathering under the auspices of Rainbow Circle. Hardly surprising really. Anyone with a modicum of astrological knowledge knows that eclipses mean endings and new beginnings, but at the time, it just felt that there was no one willing to hold the energy for another camp the following year. It was agreed therefore, that we’d all go “into the cauldron” and see what emerged.

Now, over two years later, the grand sum of nothing had emerged and we were missing all the old faces and that special camaraderie that existed amongst this very special group of weird eccentrics! We seized the initiative. No sooner had Rod agreed to allow us to latch onto the end of the next years camp, than the phone calls, letters and emails went out. A gathering was called.

And they came – 70 or so of the old faces, all so delighted to be together again. We ate, drank and made merry and then on the Sunday, a meeting was held to discuss where we went from that point on and at 12.19 on the 18 August a show of hands selected The Wheel of Astrologers as our future name.

Well we were certainly democratic. Everyone had their say, many names were nominated but The Wheel came out the decisive winner in a businesslike vote. No messing about – Moon/Chiron in Capricorn, opposing Saturn in Gemini which was intercepting the Sun/Uranus opposition by trine and sextile at the time, almost creating a famous Mystic Rectangle. Quite what these are about, I’m still fuzzy on – but the businesslike air of the meeting was palpable, without I hasten to say, impinging one jot upon the abundant good humour and camaraderie. It’ll be great if that atmosphere continues, as the chart says it should, to pervade our activities. Leonine will power, playfulness and humour linking creatively and harmoniously with the down to earth, practical business approach of such a strong Saturnian connection.

Chiron’s intimate involvement here is interesting. I like Dennis Elwell’s interpretation of the planetoid – “the will to dare” and like him, see it as a bridge between Saturn and the outer planets. How grateful we should be that it is involved in this configuration, helping us take Uranian astrology across the bridge into the everyday world of common sense and empirical knowledge.

The tenth/fourth and third/nine house position of the Sun/Mars/Uranus and Moon/Chiron/Saturn oppositions will enable us to express our astrological vision theatrically and impressively in the public domain, whilst educating, travelling and communicating by all sorts of means at the same time. Whilst Saturn may make it difficult to take our roadshow far abroad, events closer to home should be a piece of cake! But with work and application, maybe in seven years time??? With that powerful Leo combination up in the tenth house, we should have no problem making an impression. “Look at us” we’ll be silently saying – and they won’t be able to resist! However, I suppose we also have to mention the regal, bossy and overbearing potential that is equally embodied in that powerful Sun/Mars combination. Dictatorship and arrogance? Overbearing wilfulness? Possible sure, but that opposition from Uranus should ensure that anyone who gets on their own personal “high horse”, won’t stay in the saddle for very long if they disregard the will of the people! So we need to be aware that the wheel is a forum within which astrology can be used to create a synthesis of many individuals’ wills, allowing us to rise above personal ego issues in order to see the greater pattern. But I should imagine there will be more than one challenge on this issue in the years to come. We’ll be tested for sure!

Nice that intense, no messing Scorpio was rising at our birth. We may appear to be a rather mysterious bunch to the outside world, holders of deep secrets and impenetrable mysteries. And so indeed we are. Which makes Mars and Pluto our rulers. Mars in the tenth promises public recognition, Pluto in the second sextile Venus, wealth. But Pluto’s also square to Mercury in Virgo in the eleventh, which could be problematic. An obsessively analytical mind, always criticising the workings of the group? Always worrying about its health? On the positive side, our tendency to go into mutual deep psychological analysis at every convenient moment might be a positive manifestation of this tendency. We shall see!

But Venus in its own sign of Libra, in the twelfth trining Neptune on the IC, which in turn opposes Jupiter in its own nine house, surely is a blessing. Divine love, compassion, prophetic visions, empathy, and enthusiasm – all coming from a deep-rooted commonality that may have seen us working as one for lifetimes. Neptune on the IC may mean that we will always travel lightly and have no fixed abode or stuff, because it is the communal vision and spirit that is our true home. But the sea and water will always be places of good fortune for us – maybe we’ll find ourselves sharing a house boat, or working on cruise ships or an “end of the pier” road show to happy holiday makers? Who knows? Only time will tell.

So that’s a start. Some random thoughts. What do you think?

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