How To Recover Data From Formatted Pen Drive

Ok now, You’ve unfortunately deleted few files from your drive that you’d like to fetch back. There are ways you could do so because there’s less chance that these files would get completely erased from the storage. This may vary with the type of USB drive you’ve used and the method applies the same on all types.

Retracting Data from Back Up files:

Few users tweak regular backup interval for their drives upon insertion. If you did so, data would be saved in the most recent backup file and can be retrieved easily. Speaking of keeping your data safe, this is a good habit. However, what if you haven’t configured this. Chill and prefer the next method.

Extracting Data by means of Desktop Tool:

This method follows up scanning the drive up to its full capacity. If you have a drive with larger storage capacity, save time by filtering the type of content that’s utmost important.

Using MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

Launch the desktop app and select drive from which you’d like to search for deleted files.

The program consists of 4 basic modes of recovery:

THIS PC (Searching for data among computer’s partitions)

REMOVABLE DISK DRIVE (Recovering data from standard USB based drives)



Select REMOVABLE DISK DRIVE option among the recovery methods. Move on to settings tab to check types of data to be filtered (Audio, Video, Documents, CSV etc…)

Start marking all files to be exported while scanning has been completed. Its suggested not to export scanned data onto the same flash drive. Doing so might cause permanent data loss and rescans won’t show those files. Scanning time entirely depends on the size of files to be exported. Be patient to let the scanning be done completely and make sure there aren’t connectivity issues popping up while scanning the drive.

Happy Recovery!

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