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Has Indians Finally Realized The True Color of Modi?

Recently I was in Russia. Talking to the locals, which is difficult due to the language, I asked them what they know about India.

He said that till 2015, he considered India to be friendly, but a very backward country of third world. They have never even been aware of the history of our contributions in the world.

But at least 5 of them mentioned that they now know Modi. He said that while they do not know what they really did, but since they have become the Prime Minister, then there have been significant changes on how India is seen in Russia. He said that now they know that India is no longer backward and a respected veteran whose voice matters.

He also praised Yoga. My guide was a yoga instructor and felt proud that now because of Modi International Yoga Day. He was a yoga instructor for a long time, but only after getting awareness about yoga due to Yoga Day, more people started coming in their classrooms.

They say that Putin rarely gives much attention to a world leader but the way he spoke to Modi was the reason that most of Russia actually took care of Modi and the new India.

He visited an Indian restaurant in Nieveski Square Road, St. Petersburg, and said that now there are more Russian customers. He feels that this is due to Modi.

The present view of the Indian Army on the terrorists is mentioned – Kill Them.

If the terrorists are out of our limits then – “Go Inside their home and Kill Them!

The leaders on the camera can say that they want to save all democracies, but I want to know what Mamata is saving? I want to know what Mayawati and Akhilesh are saving? Why are they only saving it together now? Why not before Modi? Chandra Babu threatened? Have the Left threatened?

What i tell you The danger is their existence. The threat that has been given is the source of their money, power and privileges. There is no equal ideology in all of these, but they still come together because one thing in all of these is the same. Power and money

If the respect for the country is the real colors of Modi- I like his true colors.

People have realized that Modi Ji is a great human who can make India as gold birds, with a strong army positioned around every moment.
If anyone can end corruption in India, then he is Modi, if anybody can bring good governance in India, then he is Modi.

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