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Best Ways to Build Muscle – Get Motivated!

Motivation isn’t very easy at times and that is usually the point when people quit going to the gym.

I’ve been in a position where I’ve lost complete motivation in the past which almost completely stopped me from training altogether.

I was extremely lucky because I somehow rediscovered mu hunger to stay in the gym and enhance my fitness even further.

There are a number of things in my lifestyle that help to keep me motivated, and I will show you exactly what they are.

Hate the Weight!

Visualize a person that you really detest. It could be someone from the past. Now, imagine that person has suddenly become the massive barbell in front of you!

You’ve always wanted to be stronger than him and you’ve imagined one too many times you and him in a heated fight where you knock shit out of him.

In that vision, you had bulging muscles, tons of strength and you could just keep going.

Ok…now it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee…

That barbell in front of you that you really can’t be asked lifting needs lifting if you wanna kick this dude’s ass!

Visualize a Rival!

Imagine yourself in close competition with a guy that you’ve always been neck and neck in everything you both did.

It just so happens that he’s getting ahead of you and you’re body’s telling you to stop stop stop!

This is where your inner strength will be called into action because unless you really dig deep, that son of a bitch will always be ahead of you!

Be Good To Yourself (When You Deserve It!)

The moments when you’re leaving the gym and you’re wearing a wry smile because you’ve just had one hell of a workout deserve to be rewarded!

Treat yourself to some new clothes or equipment because you’ve been a good boy. New gym gearis an excellent way to keep things fresh and interesting.

Enjoy Your Food

There’s no harm in treating yourself every now and then to foods that are not regular part of your diet. By no means you should be eating fatty shit, stick to healthy stuff because there’s plenty of variety in it.

If you’re a big chicken eater, why not go a bit “red meat” this week?

Watch a Movie!

Great classics like Rocky are great motivators; I don’t care what anyone says!

Rocky is an easy guy to relate to because of all the adversity he went through to get to where he needed to be.

Did Rocky Balboa ever quit! Hell no!

Try a New Supplement

We’ve all had a supplement that we always wanted to try but for one reason or another, we’ve never quite got round to trying it.

Well drop all else and get your ass down to your local health store and buy that damn supp!

Set Targets

It’s always wise to set yourself small goals that are reasonably easy to achieve.

Don’t go crazy and say “I want to gain 30 lbs in 5 days”.

Aim for small increments of progress.

Keep a “progress chart” and see how you’re getting on in the grand scale of things.

Blast the Tracks

Music is one of the best fuels for motivation. Listening to music that makes you tick will set your body on fire (not literally).

Music has the beautiful ability to take the mind away to places that you seldom go. An excellent way to “zone out” and blast through a session.

Take a Week Out

Sometimes stopping training altogether for a short period of time is a great way of regaining fitness hunger.

Don’t do anything for 6 weeks for instance.

Sometimes depriving yourself of exercise can make you pine!

Love Your Haters

You should love doing things in the gym that people said you can’t do.

Pump that 250 kg bench-press because someone joked with you that you’ll never do it 2 weeks ago!

Always go that extra mile to shut people’s mouths.

Train Because You Love It

Do not burden yourself to get fit. Learn to love it and you will just embrace the beautiful changes to your body both internally and externally.

Training Partner

If you haven’t got a training partner, seriously get yourself one!

A training partner can help you reach your goals quicker because you won’t be giving up as quick unless you want to be a laughing stock!

Embrace Advice

People are always giving each other advice in the gym.

You know what?

This isn’t a bad thing. You never stop learning!

Show Off

Show your muscles off to your parents, your girlfriend, and your nephews and nieces. It will help to make you feel better and remain focused and motivated.

I’ve set out just a handful of things that help me stay motivated in the gym. You will have your own individual preferences.

The bottom line is…never stop looking for things that motivate you!

Happy motivation guys!

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